Custom Press On Nails

Tired of driving back and forth to the nailcsalon? Sitting in a chair for hours or getting your fingernails burnt by that drill? Hate the smell of acrylic? Well, with nailgoat.com you can say "hello" to our wide range of unique and custom press-ons and "goodbye" to all of the nail salon drama! 
You can wear these nails anywhere and increase your confidence while wearing! Pop them on and pop them off anytime, perfect for social events, a girls night out or even just to wear and feel cute at home. These press-on nails are durable and last long with high quality polishes and hardening gels. With proper care our nails are reusable! We use only the strongest epoxies for rhinestones, so your bling nails can sparke and shine for several wears.
You will receive 1 set, (10 nails) each set comes with a file, two alcohol wipes and nail glue (&/or clear tabs for jelly nails) Because each set is made to order, the nails you receive  may be altered slightly from the photos, (shape, color, charms etc.) 

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